Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Fireworks

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It was an bright and sunny day when the shipment from ShopRite arrived. I eagerly opened my first box of new products to try. To my surprise there were three varieties of ShopRite’s Italian Imported Sodas.
The first one to catch my eye was the Blood Orange Imported Italian Soda. My mind started racing with recipe ideas. It was incredibly hot out and we had a BBQ planned for that evening. The obvious choice in my mind was a cocktail.

 The inspiration hit as soon as I tasted the crisp and refreshing soda. The blood orange flavor  really came through and what I really enjoyed about it is that the soda is not too sweet.

 I pulled a few pint size mason jars from the pantry, then started the hunt for ingredients. 

My husband Pierre, filled the jars with ice and bite size pieces of freshly picked strawberries, ripe mangos, and raspberries. I came back with premium orange juice from the refrigerator, the ShopRite Imported Italian Blood Orange Soda, and some Core Black Raspberry Vodka. This is what I call team work!

A quick stir and pure ice cold gluten free refreshing goodness! It was a huge hit at the BBQ that evening!

Quick Tip: To make this drink virgin or a “mocktail” simply omit the vodka. 
Stay tuned for  Italian Pomegranate Popsicles…..yum!! Coming up next.

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