Thursday, April 4, 2013


On April 2, 2013 at 6:00pm the crowd started flowing through the doors of O'Tooles Restaurant and Pub in Queensbury, NY. People of all ages came out for a one of a kind event, The first ever Gluten Free Buffet in our area open to the public!                                              
The event was our April meeting for the Glens Falls Regional and Saratoga Springs Celiac Support Groups and to celebrate O'Tooles distinction of completing and implementing the National Foundation For Celiac Awareness GREAT Kitchens Course. This landmark event was enjoyed with the entire community.
Michael Moynihan is the General Manager of O'Tooles. Mike is an outstanding professional and person who genuinely cares about his customers and their safety. He is always eager to continue learning about the latest and safest gluten free products to offer his customers.
Now, back to the event, it was GREAT!! The food was absolutely fabulous: cheesy loaded potato skins, crispy wings with a tangy ranch dipping sauce, a bold garden salad, a creamy broccoli alfredo tossed over penne pasta, Saratoga Gluten Free Goods bread, turned into delicious toast points, perfect for soaking up the delicious marinara sauce from, my favorite dish, chicken parmesan over penne pasta. Yes all of the food was pure gluten free goodness!
Mike also made sure that the O'Tooles bar was fully stocked with gluten free libations, O'Tooles is a pub after all! Everyone who came enjoyed the food, the friendly casual atmosphere, fun conversations, and so much more.
The response was outstanding, and the gluten free buffet was sold out! Everyone went home with full bellies and happy memories.
Stay Tuned! We have more fabulous upcoming events and there's more exciting things to come!
All of news stories and pictures from the gluten free buffet are on our Facebook page Cook Gluten Free With Amy.
Warmest Regards & Happy Cooking,
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